How do I request a 3D Print?

It is recommended to consult one of our MakerSpace technicians in the Merensky Library (Room 3-14). They will request from you the 3D file to be printed. These needs to be in an .stl or.obj file format. Once done you will complete a Google Form for your contact details and further requirements pertaining to your print.
The cost of printing is based on weight. This is formulated grounded on several factors such as the infill percentage, resolution and of course, the size. We will use your 3D printable file and issue a price where we charge:
  • R2,50 per gram
  • Minimum R35
  • A surcharge of prints longer than 8 hours

Printers we use in the MakerSpace to 3D print:

  • NodaBeast                                                    (Printable dimensions: 300mmX300mmX280mm)
  • x2 MakerBot Replicators 5th Generation   (Printable dimensions: 252mmX199mmX150mm)
  • MakerBot Replicator 2                                 (Printable dimensions: 285mmX153mmX155mm)